Saturday, January 29, 2005


As the wind soared
And sanded our hotel
You woke scared
And we listened to the storm

The wind stole your swimming costume
From the balcony
And tossed it into the night
And lost it

And I held you
As you waited for the tidal wave
That never came


Stan said...

Nice one, Roger

michael said...

This poem must be in some way a response to the Tsunami disaster? How could it not be. - watching those dreadful images of homes and lives being washed away must have trickled through into lots of artists, poets, writers lives.

Syl said...

how well said...a moment meant to be safe
for some devastating...for others, fears
ever etched in memory.

Boomsa said...

I wouldn't wish it on anyone. Not all the people I don't even know I've lost. The bigger picture is too near to say anything else.

Roger Stevens said...

That's a good point. I wasn't thinking about the disaster when I found the poem to put up. It was written in Tunisia last year.

Ostrich said...

Lovely and most un-diabeticaly romantic and dark. Brava!