Wednesday, January 19, 2005


Strawberry Field Gates Posted by Hello

And did those Cuban heels in four four time
Walk along Mathew Street down to
The Cavern, where I’m sitting now
Thinking about the Beatles' fame?
And did the ferry’s chugging beat
Fill Ringo’s head with Mersey sound?
And in the Anglican Cathedral shop?
Did Paul sign postcards with his name?

And passing by the Rubber Soul Café
Did John think that name would make a great LP?
And did George walk these corridors, and once stay in

This Travel Inn - the same as me?


Amie said...

just curious...have you ever had any chance of bumping into any of the Beattles at any given time?

Roger Stevens said...

No, Amie. In my younger days I did meet quite a lot of stars - but never any of the really big names.

Paul lives quite near here - and we did find ourselves sitting in a restaurant at the next table once.

But he didn't invite us over for a chat.

Hey ho.

Amie said...

well Paul is still there's still a chance ;)

michael said...

I've been trying to add a comment here for the last coupla days but having no luck.

Roger Stevens said...

I know, it can be slow. What did you want to say?

Stan said...

He forgot.

Ostrich said...

They probably did, and isn't that exciting to think about! Being inspired by the possibility of the beatles inspiration?!! I love it!