Saturday, June 06, 2009

Secret World

You need a passport
To visit my secret world
Which you send for on the internet
Or you can get special permission
To make your own
As long as they stamp it
With their special gold stamp
Most people fly there
In a Boeing 999
But you can walk
If you know the secret way
I stumbled upon it walking Kenny
There was a gap
Where bits of the world

Don’t quite join up
Like that shirt my mum made
And Kenny found it
Looking for a rabbit and I followed him
The weather?
Very hot and sunny all the time.
Although I went in winter once
And it rained non-stop
When I got home
I told Mum I’d fallen in the pond
What’s it called?
Its name is secret.
No one knows it.
I could take you there if you like.
To my World Without a Name
If you take me to your other world
And make me laugh

1 comment:

C.J.Duffy said...

We all have our secret world but it isn't that of mine that might make you laugh, it is my socks!

My socks have a secret name that only your word verification knows: logypelm.