Friday, March 02, 2007

In Le Gare du Nord I Sat Me Down to Wait

Feeling good
Two days spent in Paris
Feeling bad
As you were not here with me
Feeling good
To be alive, to have my health,
My mind, to not be sitting
On the dirty concrete begging
Feeling bad
That my feet ache from yesterday’s
Walking marathon
To the Pompidou Centre
Which was closed
As it was Tuesday
Feeling good
That I will see you soon
Feeling bad
That I have to wait until this evening
To catch Eurostar home
Feeling good
As these scribbled notes in my book
Begin to make sense
Of the sights, sounds, smells
Of Paris
Feeling bad that upon my arrival here
I was taken for a mug
And gave sixty Euros to a con man
In the Metro
Feeling good
Sitting on this balcony

Sipping a coffee
Overlooking the station’s comings and goings
Feeling good
That I am not a pigeon
Although it would be useful to be able to fly
Feeling bad that my phone credit has expired
And I can’t call you
Feeling good that I will see you soon
Feeling bad that I will not see you soon enough
Feeling good that I will see you soon


Roger Stevens said...

Well, after Jill's Dad's illness, and the rushing to and fro the hospital, things are settling down a bit. He's much better despite the Hasting's Conquest hospital's attempts to kill him. It got so bad and the hospital was so incompetent we had to air-ambulance him to France and the hospital near where he lives. A very clean hospital, I might add.

So it was back to France. I'd been in Paris only a few days before visiting an International school. That was great fun. despite being the mark of a hustler. And in Paris I wrote this poem, waiting for the train home.

Yesterday was World Book Day and I was at a school in Hertford. Had a great time there. And today I was at a school in Burgess Hill and had a lovely day and was treated like royalty. And as a bonus - the teacher who organised the event was the niece of Brian Epstein. Wow! Regular readers will know that I'm a huge Beatles fan.

Also my new CD is progressing nicely. Just a few final bits of mixing to do and it'll be ready. Hope to do some this weekend.

michael said...

Fantastic news Roger! beautiful poem too- I was moved- I'm easily moved these days! hazel will tell you!

Whats your take on thisNew Identity Theft panic gripping the BBC?

Should we all change our names to Smith and Jones.

An our ages? and our phones?

What does clever Jilly say?

Much love to her Dad and fam-i-lay!

Ricercar said...

sweet poem. :)
hope your friend feels better.
i like the beatles too!

Sue hardy-Dawson said...

Sounds like you've all been having a rough time of it at least he's on the mend now. Love the poem, it would be a great one to use as a model for writing. I might try it on some students. I see you've been doing lots of exciting stuff even some hustling-was it the dance-or are you an international Pool Hustler?

Anonymous said...

Hi Roger. I hope things are settling down now. All the best to Jill.

I read some of your poems to kids in the Library on Thursday as part of the World Book Day celebrations. You have new fans in York!

Take care.

Roger Stevens said...

Ah yes. I was gazing blankly at the map of the metro asked me where I was going. he was very nice and very helpful. And let's just say that five minutes later I was 60 Euros lighter...

Ó Seasnáin said...

I appreciated the comment. This is an interesting site; as they say, "poetry is life."

Cocaine Jesus said...

just got back from munich, which is nothing at all like paris but i just thought i would 'city name drop'.
it has no relevance whatsoever.

oh well.

nice poem by the way!

Roger Stevens said...

Hi Sue

Yes, Im usuing a version of this in schools. I got the idea from a Simon Armitage poem in Tyrannosaurus Rex and The Corduroy Kid. My kids' version goes - I'm bad because, I'm good because, I'm bad because. I'm god because...

Roger Stevens said...

Whoops two wrong words.
Usuing not usuing
good not god.


Love the last 3 lines.

Good contrast -- reminds us that life is a collage of feeling good and bad, and that's okay.

:) ep

Russell Ragsdale said...

Sensitive stuff this ratio business! We do all seem to live somewhere in the ratio between happy and sad, expectant and bored, don't we. Fine poem Roger.

Sorry that you had to have all those experiences with hospital and, of course, welcome back.

wastedpapiers said...

My recent experiences with the NHS have been a bit of a mixed bag but generally they are doing their best I think despite being hugely underfunded ( despite what the lying New layabouts say) and stressed. The nurses were fantastic at the blood letting and laughed all the time - mostly at my badge of an earwig.

Its a real conversation stopper err starter I mean.

The lady doctor at the practice down the road does actually listen to what you say which is nice change from the male docs who look bored and dole out anti-biotics if you ask for them!

The medics are fantastic and arrived in 3 minutes when I was having my "panic attacke" and quickly assessed they were dealing with a nutter and his partner who makes "Currant Steamers?? Chortle its like coming into Monty Pythons house this? They ate all our chocolate biscuits and we pressed the rest of the packet on them. O no ! weve had enough - but they relented. hazel also gave them several copies of my "Hypochondriacs At Home " postcard which tickled them. I called them Diddy Dick and Dom in a moment of jittery relief, holding Hazels hand and with the big peg on one finger attached to the wired machine thingy measuring my heart rate etc.

They showed me I was perfectly healthy and to breathe slowly into a paper bag next time.

Sue hardy-Dawson said...

I'm delighted to see you're taking oop mi new laguige.

Mrs CeCrux said...

Hey hey Roger..Just wanted to pop in and say hello. I was looking at my book that once ago I started to write...
you sent to me in America two of your books that you autographed for me...I loved them! I still have them. I had a blog under a different name at the, I too live in Europe...hope your well!

Roger Stevens said...

Hey Mrs Cecrux. Remind me who you are!

teresa.venn said...

hiya roger

you came to my school not long ago
for book week at st francis of assi school my names abbie you signed a book for me in the hall i have not stopped reading it sinse you came to class 3h Mr brandoholm your books are GREAT? you always have fab ideas for them. I have been all over your website its realy good why did you have badges all over you on your top i liked the guitar badge the of your poems made me jump you said boo

from Abbie i am 7