Friday, March 30, 2007


You sit by your father’s bedside
In the hours of darkness
Protecting him from doctors
And their fanciful theories

We fly him home
From England to France
Where he sits in his own clean hospital room
With a remote control for the blinds

And you translate his complications
And the doctors’ misdirection
And again sit by his bedside
In the hours of darkness

Protecting us all
From the bogeyman
Of dirt and negligence
And the NHS


Roger Stevens said...

Well, that was a scary time. I know that in the UK the National Health Service has much to commend it - but the doctors at the Conquest Hospital in Hastings had a good go at trying to kill Jill's father. Anyway - he's recovering now in France. So hopefully the crisis is over.

I've been busy - lots of school visits. Just back from two days in the Scilly Isles where Damn Right played for Dyslexia Action. A great gig. And they looked after us splendidly. I can recommend the walking (not that I did much walking) and Tresco Gardens. Lovely.

The new CD - At the Meeting of the Earth and the Air is nearly done. Just a few tiny tweaks. Steph, Joe's partner, is designing the cover for me. I plan to put a few tracks up for downloading if I can master the technicalities.

Other news - Michael Leigh's visiting at Easter. When blogs collide. You'll probably find his blog under this one somewhere. Pay him a visit.

Sue hardy-Dawson said...

A poem from the heart Roger and very moving. I'm busy with course work (not quite as exciting as school visits but I'm enjoying it it's throwing up some interesting ideas and they're a great crew on the forum, not unlike blogging. I'm really pleased to hear about your new project naturally it's a project close to my heart and if there is anything I can do to help other than the obvious please let me know. Meanwhile the Easter club and lots of papamachet beckon (haven't a clue how you spell that spell checker doesn't recognise it.)
So Happy Easter to you and Jill

Mrs CeCrux said...

My name is kimberly..I lived in Pennsylvania...written a book about my ex who died...lets blog name was was about a year ago before I met my husband on blogger and moved to

Not sure what else to give clues on as to who I am..trying to think..I had two blogs was for me and my other was on the book.

Roger Stevens said...

Hi Kimberley

Yes, of course I remember you. And I was thinking about you the other day and wondering what happened with your book. Is it still ongoing? Did you finish it? Have you abandoned it?

Glad to hear your well. And you're in Sweden and marreied to a fellow blogger.


Ricercar said...

the NHS scares me ...

Mrs CeCrux said...

Married to a fellow blogger,who happenes to live in Sweden, of all the places to meet someone!

I actually almost finished the book...was looking at it the other day and I am thinking about finishing it now that I have a lot of free time since moving here to Sweden...we'll see!

Hope your well and I still love reading your poems.

wastedpapiers said...

Dyslexia Action? This is got to be an Aprils Fools Jokes you naughty man!

Good to hear the CD is coming along. Maybe we will get a sneak preview at Easter? Or then again we could just listen to some of the songs.

When Blogs Collide! Great name for a book or a sandwich?

Roger Stevens said...

Michael - it really was for a charity called Dyslexia Action.

Check out

Of course you'll hear the album. Finished mixing it today. Just waiting for the artwork and off we go.

Kimberley - we're off to Norway later this summer. We'll give you a wave as we go by.

Mrs CeCrux said...

I'll wave back!

Anoopa Anand said...

Roger, Roger, hey!
Here is a haiku for you
And your pretty hat.

wastedpapiers said...

Offc to Norge eh? What part? All of it is pretty splendid from what weve seen so far. We are going in January when Hazel has her exhibition in Hamar.

Shubhodeep said...

nice to be back here... the poem(s) are as entertaining as usual. hope to see you at my blog soon. cheerio!

Cocaine Jesus said...

glad to hear that your dad in law is on the mend.
as for the NHS, flawed maybe but it has saved my life twice and it has allowed me to live a realitvly normal life and without ever, in forty nine years, having to pay for one single prescription.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about Jill's dad, but your poem is wonderful. I hope things are getting better.

Roger Stevens said...

Hi all. I expect you've given up on the idea of a reply or a visit by now. Just been ridiculously busy. Jill's Dad's a lot better (although having an operation next week which is a worry), we're in the process of moving, putting this house on market plus lots of work coming in...

When it settles down a bit I'll be along to say hello. Meantime thanks for all your comments.

And I will be around again soon and posting more poems. Promise.

Sue hardy-Dawson said...

Hope everything goes well with the opp, will be thinking of you

Nicole Braganza said...

the sense of sterility is well captured in the poem. The last stanza esp. is brilliant.

wastedpapiers said...

All this going on and you managed to put up with us for two days! Thanks for fitting us in to your busy skedyool ( its a kind of small wooden cabinet on wheels ) and letting us see your lovely cottage before you moved.
We do miss your poems and comments but saw at first hand how busy you are and the worry of Jill's Dad and all. Hope he's on the mend.
The new CD sounded great from what I heard of it especially the catchy song about the Thyme On Your Hands.

Sue hardy-Dawson said...

Hope everthings going OK for you

Roger Stevens said...

Hi, everyone. Thanks for all your comments.

Anonymous said...

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