Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Word Break

Here in France
I am relaxing
And reading a poetry book

And look -
I don’t want to appear
A sanctimonious git but
I do believe that a poet
Should be able to spell the word

Et se laissant tomber
Dans une expression Française
Hors du bleu
Est-ce que c'est vraiment nécessaire?

It’s nearly suppertime
And the smell of rabbit stew
On the stove
And scent of burning logs
And the lost beetle
Buzzing round the room
Looking for a new bolt hole
Pretty much
Says it all


michael said...
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michael said...

There are actually two ways of spelling Ukelele- with a "u" or an "e". Both are quite acceptable in Hawaii.
In Spudland they even spell it "Yookoo-lally" for comic effect.

Glad to see you are having a nice time in la Belle France. We look forward to more poems about how to spell Le Cinema Pathetique or as we say in Northwich - Le Regal.

michael said...

And dropping itself In a French expression Out of blue is it really necessary?

Roger Stevens said...

That's bad news, Michael. It renders the whole of the poem pointless.
I'd better put a new poem up right away.

I've already changed one stanza where I accused the poet of being pretentious by using the word borborygmic - only to discover it means the sound of plumbing - and in context was a good word to use.

Glad you like the French speaking irony. J'ai employé le translater de Google qui traduit tout littéralement comme j'ai pensé que ce serait une huée.

gulnaz said...

holiday in france...mmmm....jealous! :))


Sue hardy-Dawson said...

Sounds like you're having a wonderful holiday I can't spell the U word, does that mean I can't be a poet? In my defence it seems to suffer a serfit of Es, was it that e that woke you? PS I love the word 'borborygmic' and think more people should be acused of it.

Russell Ragsdale said...

Another poet test I failed. Oh well, best to keep trying! I'm with Sue on borborygmic. I stand accused! I may have to teach that word to my students. When they ask me why I'm so cruel I'll answer it's because Roger's on holiday in France. That ought to through them.

Umaga said...


FYI, Roger Stevens, I am back to the world of blogging. I'm updating and tinkering with my space, so stopy by sometime soon, maybe next week or so.