Friday, October 20, 2006

The Poetry Kit

Stan the Postman delivered it this morning.
He leapt through the hole in the hedge
With a loud – Da Dah!

I carefully slit open the flaps of the padded envelope
And the thin box slid
On to the newly-polished kitchen table

The box was red plastic
It was disappointing, I have to say.
I was expecting wood at the very least
Or silver
Or maybe a substance not yet invented

And red
Such an obvious colour

The box was smaller than I’d hoped
Not tiny – that would have been fine
But thin

Looking back now
I can see my naivety
Was it really such a surprise that,
as I pushed the small plastic catches
with my thumbs
and the box sprang open,
was it really such a surprise
to find it empty?


Roger Stevens said...

Haven’t blogged for ages now. Where does all the time go? I’ve had a few school visits – I do enjoy performing my poems, and working with kids. And I’ve more or less finished getting the new solo book together for Macmillan – Why Otters Don’t Wear Socks. More on that nearer the time I expect. It doesn’t come out until next year. I’ve also finished the first draft of my book for grown-ups. Jill is going to give it the editor’s-eye on our forthcoming break in France. The new CD of college songs is in waiting mode – waiting for Mike to add his percussive magic. Seems he’s busy at work and is having trouble finding the time. And a new project – having a go at putting some comedy bits and pieces on to You Tube – along with my old Killer Rabbits collaborator Roger. Watch this space. Meanwhile – I must have a wander around everyone’s blogs – see how they are all getting on. Expect a visit soon.
Peace and love…

NicoleBraganza said...

Expectations, expectations....always leave you disappointed!!! The real surprises are when you least expect anything!
nice poem.

michael said...

We had a water otter once in the bathroom. Nice to see you back on the blogging trail. Almost given up on you but return visits pay off eventually.
bad back is making me flit from one chair to another to try and get comfy so not stopping long. Ou usual comfy settee feels like its stuffed with doorknobs and angle-irons at the moment!

Prerona said...

This is nice :) Glad your back. Thank you for visiting my blog and for your comment

Russell Ragsdale said...

As R. Creely said, what is emptiness for? To fill, to fill.
My box wasn't even as nice as yours (just an old bunch of Croque Monsieur papers really).

Good one Roger!

Cocaine Jesus said...

brings to mind the watch i once found rattling around a royal mail sack. no idea who it belonged to so i shoved it back in the sack. probably smashed to pieces. maybe it was your watch roger? that's why the box was empty!

Roger Stevens said...

You found my watch?

Sue hardy-Dawson said...

'I see it worked then!'

But I think I both hate and love the 'post'. I wait and hope for nice happy making letters and in the most promissing looking packages I get baby food samples and a bill or I've been 'specially selected' my personal favourite.

I just got back from visiting Whitby with my mum, the weather was very kind and it was nice to have time just to chat. Sounds like you're nice and busy and having fun.

Pat Paulk said...

Love the ending!!

chamki said...

All this while I was thinking you are just talking!
I like it.

gulnaz said...

i don't know why but the box reminds me of people....

loved it!

...i replied as to why birds prefer to listen to erotica :)

Prerona said...

when is the next one?

gautami tripathy said...

Well, isn't that life? We expect more han what we really get.

Looking forward to your visit to my blog!


Liam Wilkinson said...

Smashing poem! Love it.

Crafty Green Poet said...

Excellent poem, love the opening stanza!

I actually quite like getting the post. I get lots of nice books to review....

M. Shahin said...

What a surprise at the end, but I guess that is how life is. Nicely done.

rch said...

Hi Roger, I've been meaning to get here and comment but time has been so short lately. I love this one and actually had a similar experience. Good luck with everything!! Take care,