Wednesday, November 08, 2006


I dreamt I was moveing
That’s how Americans spell the word.
Well, in this dream they did.

This dream was not of blood
Nor of swimming in a crimson lake
Of paint
Which in a dream is a symbol
For death
Nor was the dream
Of a blood-dripping moon
A symbol
For sex

The dream was of a word
The word that is a symbol
Moveing, travelling
From here to America maybe
A misplaced person
And then, as often happens, the dream woke me

I am woken by the letter e!

I travel to the bathroom
Try to get back into the house of Nod
The roosters are crowing
Even though the sky is still black
And Jill turns on the light to read
And this odd poem is nagging me
To be written down

There! It’s done!
Now maybe I can go back to sleep
And dream about
A misplaced f


Poetry by Kai said...

what a wonderful poem!

well done!

Pat Paulk said...

We are notoriously bad spellers, but even here that's a mis... "f" dreams, wish I could order those like pay-per-view. Good one!!

Prerona said...

You knew you were moving to america? is it not funny how you just "know" somethings in a dream! I sometimes dream of someone and I "know" its X but when I wake up and think about it, I see it is actually Y. Ummm ... not sure if I could explain that! :)
Nice poem, though :)
I liked the one you did on my blog better! Wish I could ... take a holiday!

Prmod Bafna said...

Whoa! Thats one well captured dream sequence!! wish i could remember half the things!! :)

Roger Stevens said...

Writing down dreams is interesting for the dreamer but can be boring for the reader so I try and use it as a basis for more. Last night I had an incredibly elaborate dream consisiting of my son, as a teenager, getting very annoyed and bashing the huge bookcase behind him, full of old books reaching the ceiling, which swayed and swayed and eventually toppled to great applause. Then I, with someone I don't know, restack the books. Behind them we find old school shields for, of all things, boxing - then little china Christmas decorations... and so it goes on.

Poetry by Kai said...


gautami tripathy said...

Good you wrote it down for us to read it. No use keeping it bottled inside.

polona said...

i love this poem! the world of dreams is a special place...

gulnaz said...

some dream!! reminds me of finnegan's blog. i loved the way you have take the dream and broadened and yet focussed it. the moving from one point to another is all over your dream. from the image of your son, to old books, to older christmas decorations and its intriguing coz the child is the future.
i enjoy dreaming intresting dreams.

Sue hardy-Dawson said...

Uncannyly like the sort of dreams I have, they always leave me needing a nap to get over them, great poem

michael said...

In the dark
I could not see the keyboard
So thought I would write
Some gibberish
But realised
My mistake when trying
To use Word Verification
In the dark
Makes the whole thing
Rather pointless!

Roger Stevens said...