Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Cows and Horses

It was like this –
Around a million years ago
Mad Mork was ambling home
Cutting through a field of wild cows
And feeling weary
When he had a brainwave
And climbed on the back of a cow.
He rode it home
And everyone in his village said –
Hey, that’s one wild idea.
And soon
Everyone rode the wild cows

It was like this –
Around a million years ago
Sarah had a baby but had no milk
And her friends, also with young babies,
Shared their milk with Sarah’s baby
Sarah was walking with her baby
Past some horses
And noticed a mother feeding her foal
And thought – it’s a crazy idea but it might just work
And she gave her baby some horse’s milk

And so that’s why
Horseboys ride cows
And who doesn’t love
A delicious horse milkshake?


Sue hardy-Dawson said...

This made me giggle, imagine how much fun the grand national would be when Red Heffer had a photo finish

Ed Giecek said...

Yes, and that'zZ why we're all glad that Pigs cant fly.

michael said...

Truly the most bizarre and daftest poem I have ever read today!

Roger Stevens said...

Red Heefer was a great cow. No wonder it won the Grand National three times.

Roger Stevens said...

Sorry, I meant Red Heffer.

Another favourite cow of mine was Udderflax, from Lord of the Rings.

Sue hardy-Dawson said...

Shuush, Red Heffer will be gealouse

Cocaine Jesus said...

As mad as a hatter
Or a bag full of frogs
That spy,
When ambling around a field,
A little old hedgehog with wings.
And that is how come
We now have the saying
'If only hedgehogs could fly'

Roger Stevens said...

Actually - there was a plan in the Second World War to train hedgehogs as fighter pilots. The war wasn't going too well for us and young men were in short supply.

It turned out they were very good at controlling the aircraft but couldn't see over the dashboard so in the end the plan was scrapped and they used badgers instead, who, of course, were particularly good at night flying.

Shubhodeep said...

someone's just lost their nuts over here. god knows, it might be me!

Anonymous Poet said...
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Anonymous Poet said...

Roger, you have a psychadelic imagination -- truly. It makes for some wild poetry!

: )

transience said...

yum is all i can say.

Rare Blue said...

That is one of the strangest, most ... strange thing.

I want to know what you were doing ten minutes before you wrote it.


Roger Stevens said...

Tying my cow to a tree and drinking a cool refreshing milkshake.

unspokenverse said...

this is excellent:) Mad Mork - i love it!

Anonymous Poet said...

Are you sure that all you were really drinking was a milkshake? Just a milkshake? Nothing stronger?

Russell Ragsdale said...

Horsemilk rapidly ferments. We drink a lot of it here and it is usually about 8%. Camel's milk, however, isn't fermented but does give you an understanding of that odd look on their faces.

NicoleBraganza said...

great fun crazy poem, Roger

But whats more interesting is...

who has lost their nuts ?? :)
Shubho, its you is it???
tee hee hee

Roger Stevens said...

Sorry I haven't been visiting for a while - or blogging - just sooooo busy. Off to a school in Norfolk tomorrow.

But will be by soon as I can!

Be good.


michael said...

Norfolk? Thats quite a trek. Hope it went o.k. How were the little Norfs?