Saturday, February 04, 2006

Love Poems

The Sweetest Song

The sweetest song
I ever heard
Was written just for you
The clearest stream
The widest word
The closest true of true

Of all the things
That dance and sing
Expressed in we and two
Let’s leap and laugh
And scatter them
Into our blue of blue

The Scale of My Love

On a scale of one to nine
I love you twenty three
On a scale of grass to dandelion
I love you tree
On a scale of drip to puddle
I love you sea
My love for you is off the dial
You weigh the world to me

On a scale of nudge to bump
I love you ricochet
On a scale of sigh to smile
I love you hip hooray
On a scale of each second lived
I love you every day
On a scale of here to there
I love you all the way

Access All Areas

She had a tag
Around her neck
It said

Mad person
In love
May be found
Apparently aimlessly
In restricted areas

Make allowances

Making a Poem

If you say
and make it rhyme
a poem,

a kiss


Roger Stevens said...

I haven’t done much blogging lately. Well, haven’t done any, actually. It’s been one of those hectic periods that come along every now and then. I’ve just got back from Norfolk – a place with the charming name of Wells-Next-The-Sea. I was working with students in the secondary school for a show at the poetry festival in May called Making Waves.
Hectic indeed - current projects are – two educational books about creative writing (one for gifted children with Brian Moses), a new book of children’s poems for Macmillan, the anthology I’m editing for A&C Black, several story proposals, a picture book about pirates for young children, my grown-up novel based on my life at art college – sex and drugs and rock and roll, and a new CD of sixties-styled tracks with my tabla-playing pal Michael.
Two schools to visit next week then a breather – as we head west in our new (well, second hand) motor home. We’re heading for Lyme Regis to hunt for fossils and stand on the pier looking wistfully out to sea, and then to Bristol to visit some old friends – not friends that are old… well… you know what I mean.
So apologies to all if I haven’t visited you lately. But you’re not forgotten. (Except for… oh… what is his name?)
Meanwhile enjoy the soppy love poems – Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Hugs y’all!

Jaded said...

I adored those poems. But then I'm a hopeless romantic. I get it from my father. I especially loved "The Scale of My Love." It was sweet and funny. Perfect.

sigmund fraud said...

I liked "Access all Areas" very much...

Russell Ragsdale said...

Yer a romantic rhymin' Simon, y' are!

Sue hardy-Dawson said...

The 'The scale of my love' is definately my favourite. sounds like you're up to you ears in exciting stuff.

hazel said...

Better than being up to your ears in a vikings fluff.
Loovely love poems, four is not enough.
Working so hard must be ever so tough.
Happy trails to you in your second hand bus!

Didnt quite work that last line. nevermind- I'll stick to collages I think ( must be that strong glue!)

Cocaine Jesus said...

Still enjoy "The Scale of my Love".
Neat likeshort back and sides but the one that I will steal for V day is gonna be "The Sweetest Song".

Promise you won't tell her that you wrote it?

Cocaine Jesus said...

Still enjoy "The Scale of my Love".
Neat likeshort back and sides but the one that I will steal for V day is gonna be "The Sweetest Song".

Promise you won't tell her that you wrote it?

Cocaine Jesus said...

loved it sooooooo much i did it twice

Cate said...

Roger, so glad you posted these before Valentine's Day. They are wonderful. I'm telling my blog friends to come have a read.

P.S. Glad you are staying so busy doing so many things you enjoy and are sharing your writing skills with the schoolkids. That's what it's all about.

NicoleBraganza said...

These are so sweet....I feel like falling in love all over again!! :) Yes, Scale of My Love tops the list! But truly, they are all special in their own way. So do you have any special plans for V-Day?

Anonymous Poet said...

I love these pieces because they are gooey sweet, but so smart at the same time. That's a real trick to pull off.

Perhaps you might like my newest post "Crush." It's on a similar theme.

Anonymous said...


First of all thanks for stopping by on my blog & leaving good wishes..thanks!!

The poems are too good, though I'm not a poet but I like it..

Among ur poems I like "the scale of love"..very interestin & witty..

Here is one of mine...

you are so beautiful that I always want to look at you, whose faults is this, your beauty's or mine?

you are so nice that I always want to talk with you, whose faults is this, your niceness's or mine?

Have a nice day..

chamki said...

loved them..
and im going to steal them too..
im going to learn them, like we did it back in school..
they are so gooooood!

Shubhodeep said...

jus' brilliant! the sacale of my love truly rocks!

Prmod Bafna said...

Hey wonderful set of poems there!! and The scale of my love is simply charming!! Also, Best of luck with all your projects too!! :)

longblackveil said...

Dear Sir Roger
As always, a pleasure to have come by. Loved these as well.

Amie said...

"If you say
and make it rhyme
a poem,
okay?" --oooh i thought it was so! now i know!
hey beautiful poems. i've been away from blogging for a month and miss this site. btw goodluck on all your projects! busy busy poet indeed!

michael said...

That was me by the way but i expect you guessed. Found any fossils? Any Jurassic ice cream lolly sticks? Hope you had a good time anyway and the soppy love pomes were delightfully pertinent. Any Megalithic deck chairs?
We are all of a quiver as Archie packs all his thermals into a huge bag for the trip to Austria tomorrow. It will be strange and quiet without him for a week. They grow up so quickly don't they? Any Cretaceous thermos flask cups?

Boomsa said...

The Scale Of My Love is easily one of the most delightful poems I've read.

Cocaine Jesus said...

Still on hols. Worse than bloody Terry Wogan you are!!!

Roger Stevens said...

Been back a while but too busy to blog. Mainly because a school rang up for a last minute visit and I found myself two days short.

That's a terrible thing finding yourself two days short.

Oh yes.


"The Scale of my love" is my favorite. I love your use of measurements.

One suggestion: to post each poem separate. Because when you post them all together, they each loose some of their uniqueness because it's hard to focus on just one.

By the way, thanks to you, I revised the first stanza of "Tiger Stew". I know that all I had to do was tighten it up, but it seemed to me that I started off on a confusing note with too many contradictions all in one stanza, so I completely changed the first line.

My latest post, is dedicated to you, because I thought of it while revising "Tiger Stew".

Thanks for your critique!


p.s. we must have this weird karma going on here, because my word verification is "yummy".

samgirl said...

I'm 15 and heard of you from a poetry book, where i found your poem 'the scale of my love'. Its perfect, witty, quirky and everything a poem should be. well done- its class