Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas Eve 2005

I wonder what I’ll do tomorrow that’s out of the ordinary?

For murdering the English language and his profligate use of useless adjectives, the anti hero of this poem receives the long sentence he deserves

My favourite Christmas morning breakfast is home-cooked ham on bread and butter.

We are spending the New Year in Vlissengen, in the Netherlands. It’s where Jill and I fell in love, in a little attic room in the house of Annemarie and Hans. They’re selling up and moving to Italy and so this will be our last visit.

one, two, three, four, five
accumulating darkness
crow keeps his counsel

They found Santa dead in the back garden, a gun lay close by.
They are rounding up the usual suspects

As I write this, the watercolour sun sets
in an orange sky
behind the scribble of hedge
and the spilt water of bank

My favourite ever Christmas present was my first guitar.

I haven’t written a song for Jill this year
But I have composed a symphony for her
in my head

A frosty morning
In the corner of the council tip
is a huge blue cage
chocabloc with broken TVs, computers, laptops, monitors, maybe there are a thousand carcasses there, bashed, splintered, split, crushed, cracked, dead
their ghosts sucked back
into the ether
Frank blows into his gloved hands
It’s cold enough for snow, he says

Despite Christmas being for children I enjoy it too
How about you?

I saw my granddaughter in her first Christmas play
She was an angel

How rare to end a sentence with an empty stop


Sue hardy-Dawson said...

Have a great one it sounds like you've got it sorted, love the poem, it is like a play with many different Charecters. I finally am ready for Christmas and can now therefore enjoy it, lots of gooy Christmas films and an enormous tree.

Jonathan said...

Merry Christmas to the lot of you !

Syl said...

Ah,'s that time again...hope the holidays are filled with laughs and happiness
for you and Jill and even the beloved Judy. Take care and hugs.

Lorena said...

I can really feel how much you love Christmas after reading this post. so many little gifts in one post.

How romantic, visiting the place where you and Jill fell in love.....I do love Christmas but with the years, if you are alone, it's harder to find the spirit but I do find it, it's just not long lasting as other years.

I hope you have a happy New Year.
thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, cheered me up :)

Pincushion said...

Wish you and Jill a lovely holiday and a fantastic new year!
liked the haiku very much..its very 'real'..never tried one..maybe one of these days..i will :)
take care!

michael said...

Happy Boxing day! We certainly have enough of 'em lying about! Archie is enjoying his electric guitar but i don't think the neighbours are! Still full from yesterdays eating marathon so dont know how we'll cope today- still have half a nut roast left not to mention the sprouts! ( I told you not to mention them!)
Two cats in the apple tree.
One is Treacle and the other is Gary.

Enjoyed the Galton and Simpson doc. on the box this morning I recorded last night. Creature Comforts was funny too. We tried to play Cluedo but we were far too full and tired and collapsed in front of the telly and nodded off watching Shrek.

Have a great time in Holland. Hazel and I fell in love in the mail - does that mean we have to have a holiday at the sorting office?

Shubhodeep said...

brilliant again.


Liam Wilkinson said...

A very Merry Christmas (a little belated wish, I'm afraid!)

Parties, games, snow, new jumpers, Phil Spector's Christmas's been traditional!

I'm looking forward to getting back into the library on Thursday to dig out David Harsent's 'Legion' - I know it's there. Thanks for the tip!

Enjoy the dregs of the year.

hazel said...

Thank you for our Crackers..we saved them until boxing day and played guess the object and laughed at the mixed up doesn't seem a year since you were both here mixing up jokes off the top of your heads...
Merry new Year....hope you enjoy your trip you old romantics...
I know she is an angel..but what was she in the play?

Russell Ragsdale said...

All the season's peace and joy to you. Have a great, joyful year right from the start!

blacksou| said...

love the poems.
christmas is here when christmas is in your heart.

the word would be empty without a resounding mind and soul and heart to reasonate the chimes of its coming.

merry christmas and a happy new year. :)

unspokenverse said...

merry christmas:)

_Soulless_ said...

As I write this, the watercolour sun sets
in an orange sky
behind the scribble of hedge
and the spilt water of bank

The imagery is such a treat. As is your visit on my blog. ^_^ Thank you for both. Enjoy the eve of the new year, with your loved ones who are most blessed to have you. ^_^

Cate said...

Happy New Year, Roger! Hope you have as much fun in the coming year as you seem to have had in this one!

transience said...

what a fantastic group-hug of words. i'm joining the love.

oh, and happy new year's!

hazel said...

Heppy Newt Wires! Have a blog filled new 12 months of poetic loveliness!

Boomsa said...

Roger, just wanted you to be among the first to know. I wrote to a lovely old man in Calcutta a few days ago, asking if he would take a look at my writing and consider publishing me.

He called me this morning, with a "yes, yes, absolutely"!

I think it's all happening.

Cocaine Jesus said...

sorry that i missed your comments. i hope that you had a splendid christmas. Have a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!!