Friday, December 02, 2005

TV Lover

I saw you in the adverts
And ordered you
On your special number

At last
You appeared in my life
And I loved you

I adjusted the widescreen control
(I never liked girls who were too thin)
Altered the level of colour
To bring out the blue
In your eyes
Tweaked the contrast
To lighten your hair
And darken your skin
Turned down the volume
And turned up the bass just a smidgeon
For those husky notes

My Girlfriend Guide informed me
You would be round every Saturday at nine
After the watershed
But if I missed you
You'd be round again on Sunday at eleven
After the news
And again in those lonely wee small hours
On Triple X Gold

To be on the safe side
I programmed you into my sigh-pod

Now that your transmissions are over
I often replay the bit
Where you said
You loved me too

From Searching For Blue Sea Glass (the book) (Rabbit Press)


Syl said...

Brilliant...not a line that doesn't speak...whisper...sigh
Oh yes, Mr. Postman...thank you!

michael said...

You didnt mention the vertical hold? Otherwise a fine poem for all knob twiddlers out there.

rusty said...

Addict would have been better ...dont you think !!? But excellent capture of the mundane.....very artistic .

Roger Stevens said...

Ah, the vertical hold. Happy days...

Rusty - What do you mean addict? Where? I'm always open to suggestions.

Sue hardy-Dawson said...

Roger I'm great thanks and thanks, my kids will tell you I'm never right so I just wondered what it felt like. I've been essaying again grr, but did manage to sqeeze in a little writing for pleasure. Two weeks sheer luxury, still just three more essays to freedom, then I'm gonna finish writing my kids fantasy novel yipee! Really like this poem a lot by the by

Cate said...

I'd forgotten all about the veritcal hold. Loved the poem.

Cocaine Jesus said...

And just who is Michael calling a knob twiddler then?
Sort him out!

Great poem by the way (not that the poets name is by the way)

NicoleBraganza said...

damn cool

Pincushion said...

Now I wonder if could adjust the real life controls too!
loved all the knobbly bits :))

Anonymous Poet said...

I like the anthropomorphic aspect of this piece. You share something with Liam Wilkinson in the way you two see the world.

Blackempress said...

HI...lovely blog u got here.

Thanks for ur comment.

Ur not only a good artist you'r a good writer as well.
keep it up.

Accidental Fame Junkie said...

Wow! I'm bowled over! This is an excellent poem.

mushsis said...

excellent writing :)
truly inspired.

Liam Wilkinson said...

Lovely, you old square-eyes, you!

shyloh said...

Very nice and thank you for the visit again.


Wow, I had to read this twice... I love the comparison. It is so relatable and true. I especially love the end... the rewind, where she said she loved you too. Though I can only wonder, what she compared you to.

Roger Stevens said...

Probably a pay cheque.