Friday, July 08, 2005

The Tale of Edward and Lizzie

Well, while the country regains its breath after the bombings, life goes on. The G8 summit seems to be going well, with a lot of aid promised, cancelling of third world debt happening, and leaders moving on Fair Trade and London has been awarded the 2012 Olympics – what a week, eh? And Gerrard is staying with Liverpool FC! Right now I’m listening to the BBC3 recordings of the Live8 concerts, which I’m recording for Jill who’s in Nottingham tonight. Coldplay on right now on the TV in the room next door to Jill’s office where I’m writing this. I think Canada looked like it had the best concert, the crowd having a ball and some great bands. Just caught Deep Purple yesterday. Did I ever tell you I used to be in a Deep Purple Tribute Band?
Meanwhile – I’m not sure if the Radioblog is working. Maybe I need to rethink the whole thing. Nearly the first anniversary of my blog. Some blog-acquaintances gone now, new ones will no doubt take their place. It’s a funny old thing – the blog - as if life.

The Tale of Edward and Lizzie

Edward moved with casual ease
Ideas tumbled with the breeze
Lizzie sat with tied constraint
Words pulled tight enough to faint

Edward called the clouds to tango
Melodies danced round his hands
Lizzie painted with precision
Dotted Ts and polished sand

It was obvious to the world
Watching from another place -
Lizzie struggling with a thimble
Ed demolishing a case -

That the pair were most unlikely
Lovers. They'd not travel far.
The world would watch their love unravel
Like a disintegrating star

But Lizzie gave Edward direction
Focus - and a place to start.
Ed gave Lizzie fire and passion
Opened doors within her heart.

Now Edward studies microcosms
Know the secrets deep within
Lizzie lies beneath the stars
And kisses Edward on the chin

From Searching For Blue Sea Glass (the book) available from
Rabbit Press


Becky said...

Roger... this poem is beautiful.

How did you find me?

thoughts said...

:).. as they say opposites attract !

Roger Stevens said...

I've just noticed. I have a different rhyme scheme in verse one to all the other verses.

Odd that I've never noticed that before. Heck!

Hey, it's late. I'm tired.

I'm off to bed.

Kimberly said...

I love this Roger.
Do you ever wonder if your head will run out of ideas of things to write?

Becky said...

I thought it worked just fine... the different rhyme scheme gives it character... everyone thought Edward and Lizzie wouldn't work because they weren't a perfect match, but they certainly do work... your poem works wonderfully, even though its rhyme schemes aren't a perfect match.

You know you're lame when you're online on a Friday night, drawing up silly analogies between two imaginary characters and a botched rhyme scheme.


Thanks for the comments on my blog... I'm glad you found me - I love your site.

the wheel said...

Happy blog anniversary Roger!

I can play "Smoke On the Water", but I guess that's an easy one.

Roger Stevens said...

True thoughts, Thoughts.

Thanks Becky. Maybe you're right. I'll leave it then for the time being.

There are too many things to write about, Kimberley.

Scrambled. But what key do you play it in?

It's not quite the anniversary yet. Another week or so before I push the blog out.

transience said...

glad you are well, roger. life does go on and there are new lessons learned. on other news, i am happy you are celebrating the first anniversary of your blog. you've written great things and i am happy to be here.

p.s. love this poem. masterful, as always.

Syl said...

Well, this just speaks to me that all kinds of absurdities happen, and that we work them out. Hopefully with humour! Happy the best UK poet around is safe...and his Jill. and hey...we can all use a bit of redirection.
Take care.

gulnaz said...

life is shamelessly rude that way, doesnt stop for anything or anyone.

great poem...absoulutely loved the last stanza.

gulnaz said...

life is shamelessly rude that way, doesnt stop for anything or anyone.

great poem...absoulutely loved the last stanza.

Sue hardy-Dawson said...

I think it works, its like the thought is introduced slowly and then the differences are shown to compliment each other, like all the best relationships.

michael said...

Hey, you'll be writing 19 syllable haikus next!

Congrats on keeping up the blog for this long. I think the Radio blog needs a bit longer to tune itself in. Have you tried attaching the aerial to the big tree at the end of your garden?

finnegan said...

These are great for reciting, naturally! You make such a difficult thing look easy, which of course, is part of the art.

Amie said...

ei! i read this! and i like it! it's on page 54 and 55 or 55 and 56...i know it's in one of these pages ...somewhere :p

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Roger! Hope things there are beginning to feel somewhat normal again, if there is such a thing as normal.

gulnaz said...

life is quite shameless that way, doesnt stop for anyone or anything.

great poem roger!! :)

Amie said...

so what's on for your blog birthday? what's the plan?

and i'm glad i belong to your friends and acquaintances...maybe i belong to the "and" :p

Kimberly said...

If I wanted to purchase this book"blue sea glass" how would I do so? can it be shipped to the USA?

Roger Stevens said...

Kimberley. You could buy it from the Rabbit Press site (see opposite) and pay using Pay Pal.

But if you send me your address I'll send you a copy free.


Karry said...

Beautiful poem. Very polished - like a smooth stone - beginning, middle and end. I like!