Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Rejoice in the Details

The heartland of France
Outside the morning’s wavering
The birds are confused
By the clouds
But aren't showing it

Tiny black creatures pepper us
And itch like Billy Oh.
We saunter through breakfast
Loose preparations
For our expedition
To trace the source of the Indre

Crunch of toast
Brush of crumpet
Click of pot
Will you take your butter with you?
No, it will melt
Can’t go to a restaurant
And take your own butter

The weight of carpet on floor
The conversation stumbles for a while
Read the instructions
Why not?
We’ve plenty of time
Rejoice in the details

A fly lands
On my short-sleeved tee shirt

A discussion.

How subtle are the differences
Between the saturates and the palm oil
And the fatty acid equation

The fly rises

Like a mini-helicopter
On jet fuel

The car is patiently waiting


Roger Stevens said...

Off to Paris for a looooong weeeeekend. I could do with a break. Today was pretty manic what with Jill's parents being here, the trip to prepare for, the washing to do and the builder building things everywhere. Oh, and the supper to cook. Roast Pork. The big cupboard is nearly done, and the bathroom floor's been tiled - he's very quick that builder. Oh, and he's called Alan. But the house is upside down. Not literally, obviously, or we'd all be walking on the ceilings. I mean, it's a mess. So it will be good to get away for a bit. Hopefully I'll write a few poems and post them on my return. Meanwhile - have a great weekend everyone.

Anonymous Poet said...

Talking of Provence, Beaujoulaix, Dijon? Someplace else?

transience said...

paris! enjoy yourself, you lucky one.

michael said...

Have fun. Glad to see that Jilly's ankle is better or is she hopping over the channel?
Bon voyage!

Sue hardy-Dawson said...

have a lovely time, nice poem, I like cars to wait patently you must have trained it well

NicoleBraganza said...

walking on ceilings....HMMM very interesting. Im so upset with myself bcoz I've been getting such brilliant ideas and I dont have the time to convert them into poems and they slip away just like that! Like this poem.

gulnaz said...

i am sure you will have a wonderful time in paris. au revoir. :)