Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Swimming Pool Tear

When you wrote me that letter
Saying goodbye
A swimming-pool tear
Fell from my eye

It splashed on the floor
It flooded the room
It drowned my dog
Of an afternoon

The salt water stream
Ran out on the street
Like the rush of a stranger
You don’t want to meet

It ran down the drain
With a choke and a sigh
Like the words on the letter
When you said goodbye

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Kimberly said...

Awww, thats so sad. But it's a good sad :) I really like this one.

Russell Ragsdale said...

Hi Roger, glad your back! I liked it that this poem had no hope and was rather overwhelming. I'm not a masochist, I just think that a poem should be honest and real when it expresses a feeling! I'll be checking out radio blog soon, sounds fascinating!

transience said...

and this reads like a song! i like verses that play in my head, and i can pause and rewind when i wish.

Ostrich said...

That is just so beautiful. i agree with Trans. This would be a great song. Go to it Roger.

Didn't record the gig unfortunatley. But the album is in the making. Only its taking some time. Will shout out as soon as its ready. HUgs

gulnaz said...

oooh this is soooo goood!!!
really liked this one!!

angel-A said...

Hi Roger!

i finally know why i enjoy your poetry - reflexivity is the thing. You have a talent to express emotions by reflecting on them, not sinking in, it's cool! a precise balance of thinking and feeling for beautiful poetry.

thanks for asking about the small rock figure - see an explanation in my last post.

best of everything!

Liam Wilkinson said...

I love this. Just had to print it and read it to Diane. Lovely stuff.

Welcome back!

Ladylullaby said...

good work ;)

I'm a fan already

Sarah said...

I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!

Lorena said...

i love this poem. we follow the tear and it's so sad. very creative.

Manish Bhatt said...

Roger, that's a great poem, with a beautiful child-like simplicity but a strong undercurrent of emotion nonetheless. The kind you want to memorize. Kudos!

NicoleBraganza said...

That is so sad, it makes you just melt! I think I'm going to sink in that swimming pool tear. :(
So well written as A L W A Y S !

Pecos Blue said...

Wow that just runs off the page like a tear down your face. Thank you.

Sue hardy-Dawson said...

Like this tears make the world dissolve. It would make a good song
Love the words going down the drain.

Anonymous Poet said...

So sad. Great metaphor.

Amie said...

this made me laugh rather than sad :D

Cate said...

Great poem! (Seems like I'm always late in commenting!) I sometimes write poems for the grandkids but mine always seem to sound like greeting card rhymes. Yours are like little stories. I love them.

Cate @