Saturday, June 25, 2005

Chrome and Glass

I would stand on a hill in Umbria
hoping for an early glimpse

of the wild boar

I would sit in the shade
of unfamiliar trees
by the pool,
sip a cold beer
and watch you swim towards me,
glistening in the bare sunlight

scattering tiny rainbows

I would breath in the scent of wild thyme
and woodsmoke,
watch the swallows dart and chase
through the lessening light
see the stars appear
in the valley below

If I were in Italy right now
Instead of Milton Keynes
Instead of in this Novotel
Instead of in this restaurant
Instead of at this small table
writing this poem
and waiting for my pudding

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michael said...

At least you had a pudding to look forward to!

Liam Wilkinson said...
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Liam Wilkinson said...

How lonely Novotels, Travelodges and Travel Inns can be! I also like the sadness of pudding - it's the end of the meal, of the day...what next?...

My parents are, at this very moments, packing for Italy. I'll phone them and read this to them. Great poem.

Kimberly said...

Wishing you were somewhere other then where you were at the time.

Daydreams are wonderful aren't they?

Sue hardy-Dawson said...

A lovely poem, a grey summer has made me dream of distant and fondly remembered holidays

Anonymous Poet said...

Sensory wistfulness.

I am there with you, in the poem. What flavor pudding are we eating?

Pecos Blue said...

Thank you for the great poem. I will work on ways to include it and we of course need fillers.

Russell Ragsdale said...

So you say:
and watch you swim towards me,
glistening in the bare sunlight
scattering tiny rainbows

That's our Roger, the shimmering romantic!


. : A : . said...

Strong imagery in these lines,

"and watch you swim towards me,
glistening in the bare sunlight
scattering tiny rainbows"

Thanks for dropping by my blog and commenting. Look forward to seeing you around.

finnegan said...

"ifs". If my grandmother had wheels, maybe she'd be a truck". A mighty big if.

If I were you, I'd be responding to me . If you were, on second thought, you wouldn't wanna go there.

I love the comic-romantic tone of this poem---mixing Novotel restaurant puddings with wild thyme and woodsmoke.

If that's the sort of imagery Novotel conjures, I'm gonna book me a room next time I leave Zurich.

Ostrich said...

I would stand on a trash heap in India
Become the queen of this empire
Built on slashed tires and chicken wire
I would arise from my cast away throne
and Knight you with this old pencil.

NicoleBraganza said...

What a lovely poem! Im inspired!

gulnaz said...

"scattering tiny rainbows"
delightful, makes me want to catch each one of them.

being somewhere and wishing i was elsewhere, makes me want to scream and run, i think writing it down is a better choice.

Amie said...

wishful...wish i am someplace else too right now instead of infront of the PC :)

Syl said...

breathing in the scent of wild thyme and woodsmoke...
watching the stars appear....
what a graphic, sensual yet totally peaceful image you have painted. A few memories you've stirred in the pot...

transience said...

but hey, pudding is as existentialist as we are!

and oh, your interview questions are ready.

Syl said...

Strawberries...fresh on the vine
but it is the soil beyond I see
lavished in eternitity...
You never warned me, and I never asked...the consequences of
so my portrait shows,in brief it's sure...
the slashes of living
each must endure.
You offered red...I offered
yellow...I think it is never
a pure identity.

Cocaine Jesus said...

and with his usual consumate ease he shows us all how it should be done.

ps. i loved the 'rabbits' cd even better than 'wonky fingers' especially the title track. remind me to do another write up.

Sarah said...

i love how you can describe everything with such simplicity.. yet.. detail that i feel as if i'm there. smelling those smells and waiting for that pudding.

Roger Stevens said...

Thanks for all your fab comments!

CJ - the Killer Rabbits album should be better really. It's a real band and was recorded in a real studio by a real record producer.

The Killer Rabbits was a lot of fun. To find out more visit

Mystique said...

Great imagery! You had me with you, though I would have preferred a nice trip to Italy.