Tuesday, June 21, 2005

A New Blog

Well, I'm back from my travels and will be doing the rounds later, visiting blogland. I expect everyone will have done lots of amazing things, started lots of new and fascinating discussions, written new poems and fallen in love, fallen out of love and probably fallen over. I wrote a few poems while I was away - so I'll hopefully be knocking them into shape and posting some of them here.

Meanwhile I was talking to a friend of mine who's a radio producer and we thought it might be fun to write something for the radio based on blogging. Maybe a play, a drama, a comedy - maybe a soap. Then we thought - why not create a blog for that purpose and use it as the basis of the programme. And that's what we've done. It may work - it may not. But it should be fun.
So if you'd like to contribute visit
Radio Blog


Anonymous Poet said...

Thanks for stopping in, again -- and for the note about the commas. I forget about that sometimes. I pulled a few off. But, for me, the turn of a line doesn't serve as the visual equivalent of a comma. So I keep a few in there.

Thanks also for your encouragement re putting together a volume. I was thinking of self-publishing sites like lulu.com or cafepress.com. If you have other ideas, feel free to pass them on.

Kimberly said...

I put the first comment on your radio blog.......hope all goes well :) and welcome back!!!!!!!

gulnaz said...

welcome back, sounds like you had a good trip. :)
am going to see the radio blog now.

falling in love and falling out of love...that's the way it should be.

transience said...

glad to see you around! things are really going for you, as far as i can see. and i'll be interviewing you (hopefully) by the end of the week. just need to be done with the corporate dominatrix role. =)

post some poetry!!!

Amie said...

welcome back roger!

finnegan said...

Great to see you back in the blogsphere Roger! I love the idea of the radio program, and have left a few comments regarding it, which I'll be adding to as long as it's alive.

Paul said...

What is love?

Syl said...

Well, hello hello! And very good to see you back again!