Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Rome Dream

I dreamt of Joseph
A crow was circling
and Joseph had made the crow
his friend

Now that I’m wider than awake
I wonder who the crow signifies
Joseph’s mother?
His girlfriend?

Or maybe it was just the usual
random fragments of my imagination

Now, as I walk along the ruins
of the Forum
I watch a piebald crow
picking over Rome’s bones.


Physman_wiu said...

he has a new book out on March 8th, Shadow of the Giant--from the Shadow saga whcihc was spun off of the Ender series

michael said...

You meet some funny people in these comments don't you? So it didnt snow then. Crows seemed to be the main trouble. Pecking over the stubble of your toes. I hope the hammer and chisel didnt keep you awake?

Roger Stevens said...

Ah, but Physum was responding to a comment I left on his blog.

Gets kinda confusing...