Saturday, March 19, 2005


A black wind
Gusted in from the sea
And salted our dreams
As we slept
Between blue sheets

I stood on a transparent beach
And gazed down
At the lugworms
And molluscs
Floating beneath me

You walked towards me
Shimmering with heat
Without your shell

I woke
And listened to the troubled flight
Of the owls
Heading for the island
Heading for home


Roger Stevens said...

Halloooo Hallaaah!
The story is finally done. It was tough going but it’s finally finished. Now I have to wait to see if the publisher will like it. It’s over a year since she suggested I write it. I think it’s an okay story. Time will tell, I guess.

Today the sun shone and the temperature reached twenty degrees C. I did a little bit of gardening but spent most of the day downloading a new Norton Anti-virus programme and then waiting for the updates to download. It’s taken around five hours so far. I shall be so pleased when broadband reaches this neck of the woods.

Jill’s getting very excited as the visit to Canada gets closer. Her folks arrive on Sunday back from France, Her Dad (85) is much better. They’re getting excited too. Jill’s mum (78) has never been on a plane before. While Jill’s away I’m aiming to return to the Mighty Molecules project and finish the Live at Staplecrust CD. So I’m getting excited too.

michael said...

Good luck with the story. I hope they accept it. It's another warm day here too. I have a headache so staying indoors out of the harsh light of the sun. Lots of mowing and drilling of flowerbeds going on outside so very noisy! Nice and quiet indoors. I can hear myself think.
Weeve been ignoring updats for virus scans and ipod and itunes and ithing etc. so theyve been building up and up. finally i relented and let them download which took about an hour! Goodness knows where it all goes? Most of it we don't need probabaly.
Bon voyage to Jilly off to canadada. Hope she has a good trip.
Archie is building a golf contraption in the garden- a chip off the old mummy block. hazel is planting seedlings and swearing never to do it ever again! She sent off for 50 geraniums that are the size of a ten pence peice and very fiddly.

Julie said...

I love that! Such vivid imagery and flows so smoothly... what a dream to have

Russell Ragsdale said...

A dream about a dream that wakes and finds a dream called home (That it has been talking about since the beginning). I loved this Roger! I'm still scratching my salty skins that has listened (without ears and eyes) to an unseen sea.

Kitten said...

Beautiful are quite talented..Thanks for dropping by!

Julie said...

wonderful about your book and your cd! I hope Jill has a great trip to canada w/ her family.
the dog in the picture is 'Joe' and he's about five years old and sweet as can be - that's my niece there doing tai chi w/ me. She will copy anything right now, she is so much fun! Thanks for stopping by!

the wheel said...

Hey Roger. I really like this poem. It made me remember some of the bizarre dreams I've been having.

I had a dream recently where I was fishing in a swamp in the woods. The only things I could catch were these glowing blue electric octopuses (or octopi, if you prefer). 'Twas quite a strange dream.

Come to think of it, I just had another beach dream a couple of nights ago. I was knee deep in the water at the beach, and there were millions of tiny minnows swimming around my legs. I reached down and pulled an oyster up out of the sand. After I smashed it on a rock, I opened it up and removed a huge pearl the size of a tennis ball. But the pearl became quickly became a crystal ball that I was clutching in my hand. I gazed into it like a gypsy, seeking some sort of answer (to what question, I don't know). The dream got foggy before the answer came, and I awoke.

Okay, long comment. Sorry about that. Your poem brought the strange images from my dreams back to my memory.

transience said...

hey, roger. got to you from my comment page. i adore this:

You walked towards me
Shimmering with heat
Without your shell

it's so sensual. like the curve of a woman's waist when she is on her side, sleeping in bed. ah. sorry. the sexual undertones are still alive and kicking.

and yes, last to comment wins a prize.

Ostrich said...

hot and slick Roger!

Amie said...

I envy your ease with words…another nice one, yap and a bit sensual on one part.

Hey good luck on the book! I hope your publisher will like it! Uh will I sound too impatient if I follow up with you this “another book”? Uh you know…..

Laura said...

Congratulations on the story and good luck with the publishers!

I particularly like the first stanza - salted dreams. My last sea-related dream involved finding hundreds of rare glowing fish in my bath...

skrambled egg - nice dream. more glowing sea creatures...

jadedprimadonna said...

I hope everything goes well with the publishers! I love this poem - especially the line about her swimming without her shell. I am going to add you to my list of favorites; let me know if that's not okay. =o)

Roger Stevens said...

Jpd - that would be good!

Thanks for the kind comments everyone. So busy last few days - but some new poems up soon.

But first a visit with my grandchildren in the morning.

Right now - bed.

Sweet dreams.

Sue hardy-Dawson said...

A beautiful poem, I can smell the sea. Happy Easter

Anonymous said...

I was by the sea in Broadstairs, Kent only last weekend and I miss it. It recharges me and always helps me put things in perspective. Great poem, it really spoke to me. x

Anonymous Poet said...

This is a great poem. If you have a moment, please stop by my site and check out "Worship." I think you might like it, based on this. If so, leave a comment!

Take Care