Wednesday, May 08, 2013

The Canadian Black Bear

And at the lay-by where you stopped to dine
On M & Ms. Got stroppy just because
There were none left. They wonder why the sign
Says Bears. Beware! You think it’s obvious.
For one, you’re big. Five hundred pounds of power.
For two, you’re tough. For three - you have to eat.
You open screw-top tins. You scour the tip
But pickings there are slim. You stroll down Main Street
Flick the door latch of a house. You wander through
And grab what takes your fancy. Back on the road
A parked car offers tit bits. And you do
A little dance. You like to work the crowd.
But just remind them that you can’t be bought
When M&Ms run out – your temper’s short.


Russell Duffy said...

Far be it from me to suggest you are a little spurt but what we find here is you spurting out not less than three new, and may I say, three great poems. I never saw bears when I was over there although my cousins are large and hairy and six feet five.
I particularly like the playfulness of the old Four Tops song. They didn't write though did they and, even though sat at a laptop with easy access to the internet, I cannot recall who did. Perhaps Timothy Leary?

Roger Stevens said...

Hmmm. Trying to puzzle out which other two poems. As it happens I have lined up a whole lotta new poems which will appear here over the next couple of months.