Monday, May 27, 2013


Am only
A fly

Am I

All I want
Is a little food
A mate
Some warmth
Some love

I am not selfish
Like the mosquito
After your blood

Or aggressive
Like the wasp
In a bad mood

Or secretive
Like the beetle
Destroying wood

And so I ask
Do you persecute me?

Am only
A little fly


Russell Duffy said...

To be a fly or to be a bird
One is silly the other absurd
All that buzzing is a mystery
At least a bird has pedigree
Mind you the fly has been around
But no bones remain underground
Trapped in amber forever more
Birds of course were once dinosaurs
Not sure which one I prefer
Bluebottle or Velociraptor?

Perhaps I'd best leave poetry to you!!

Roger Stevens said...

Excellent ryhming, sir.

Wastedpapiers said...

No flies on you!