Monday, January 14, 2013

My Very Best Poem

This is my very best poem
Of all of my poems it’s the best
Ask anyone who knows of my work
It’s rock and boulders above the rest

Its rhythm moves slowly – like a river
Not showy, like a quick clever stream
Its metaphor glides
Like a swan on the tide
(Well, not a tide… but you know what I mean.)

Its rhymes are subtle, internal
Using assonance, half-rhyme and stuff
It’s a ripe, stripy apricot, its palate is delicate
But its meaning is Teflon and tough

At first sight this poem is simple
Like a long road that hasn’t a bend
But the story it tells soon begins ringing bells
Of heartbroken lives on the mend

Take Simon and Claire, for example
And their hopeless and doomed love affair
For he fooled around in his lair, underground
And she was a Chippendale chair

And yes, this poem is nonsense
But – and this is the crucial bit –
At its heart there is… um… heart, and at its feet there’s a beat
And, as poems go, well, it is my best


Maureen Lynas said...

Very funny, Roger. Love the way the nonsense flows.

Roger Stevens said...

Thank you... Nonsense?