Monday, November 15, 2010


Ed gave me his birthday badge
I gave Ed my moon rock
Ed gave me his juicy peach
I gave Ed my sock

Ed gave me his hamsters
Jimmy, Digs and Jack
Mum found them in my bedroom
And I had to give them back

Mum made Ed give my sock back
So I returned his peach
And Ed returned my moon rock
(I’d found it on the beach)

I returned Ed’s birthday badge
And Mum said, Good. That’s that.
She went downstairs to the kitchen
And I gave Ed our cat


wastedpapiers said...

Oi give it foive.

Roger Stevens said...

Thanks, Janice.

BeeMama said...

I really like this. Would you mind if I use it with my class and see if we can think up our own 'Giving' ideas?
I definitely would NOT give anyone my cats, btw!