Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Teacher said,
Leave out the the,
two too's one too too many
and and after the comma
should go after the any.

The the, the too -
and move the and
and that should make it flow.
Not that that, that that's fine -
but this that, that could go.

I said,
The the, the too, the and -
I would agree with you.
But I'm very fond of that -
this that and that that too.

Which that is that?
Is that this that?
Asked teacher with a grin.
Okay - but take that last in out
And leave that last out in.


Roger Stevens said...

This is one of my poems from A Million Brilliant Poems (part one) (see link opposite) I'm hoping the series will run that long but it probably won't.

Ceels Warren said...

Lovely! Proud to be in the book, Roger. It's a good'n and I wish it all success.

wastedpapiers said...

Nice one one!

Nicole Braganza said...

(sorry for shouting)