Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Eye Hospital Waiting Room

She sits and stares

Dilated eyes

Waiting for the doctor

Straight grey hair

Eastern European accent

She sighs

Society is different now, she says

Maybe that’s where it all went wrong

Cup of tea? The nurse asks

Are my eyes dilated?

Yes they are.

Are they beautiful?


Roger Stevens said...

A few new poems coming up. All probably need a bit of polishing. Comments welcome.

wastedpapiers said...

What this poem lacks is a good illustration of a big dilated eye! No, not really.

Not sure what you are aiming for in this poem Roger. A sense of bewilderment? It leaves me slightly confused but then that's my normal state of mind!

WV = calkingt

Nicole Braganza said...

I love how us women are tricky creatures. You can almost never say the right thing! Haha

wastedpapiers said...

WV = splaplil

A kind of custard pie filled with cow muck.