Friday, April 09, 2010

Are You Famous?

(a question that children often ask me in schools)

On a scale of one to Michael Rosen
I am probably a seven
On a scale of soft to very loud
I am probably eleven
On a scale of one to Einstein
I’m probably one and a half
On a scale of groan to hysteria
I’m probably a laugh
On a scale of one to infinity
I’m a meagre sixty one
On a scale of A to Z
I hover at F for Fun
On a scale of amoeba to gorilla
I’m sitting on top of the tree
On the scale of now till the end of time
I’ll soon be history

1 comment:

wastedpapiers said...

Nice use of the word "scale" although it did make me feel a bit small next to it. I suppose I must be a number two? No, that doesn't sound right.

WV = ametaliz

A sort of process which makes alluminium keepsakes of baby's first whatever's.