Sunday, November 15, 2009

Under Construction 7

Do you ever feel sorry for inanimate objects?
The time you poured coffee into the cup with the teabag
And had to throw the teabag away?

Remember giving the last rites
To your favourite shoes?

The toilet roll that fell down the pan?

The hammer taken to Gran’s wardrobe.

The love letter that you found
By the bus stop?


wastedpapiers said...

That last crust of bread too mouldy to feed the ducks?

Those rubber bands left by the postman on the front path?

The corn pad mistakenly swallowed thinking it was a polo mint?

C.J.Duffy said...

The toothpaste that turns out be Anusol.

The neatly wrapped sweet that turns out be a sanitary towel.

The All Bran that is in fact Cat Litter.

Doctor FTSE said...

The Superglue that disguised itself as KY Jelly.

Doctor FTSE said...

The throat spray that turned out to be WD40.