Sunday, November 08, 2009


Today I am
drifting around town
in a small boat
searching for Rupert

Floating along flooded streets
watching the rats
swimming in the evil waters

I am scanning the rooftops
searching for Rupert
Looking for a lad
Stranded on a roof
dressed in red
waving his school bag

I have a ladder in this boat
But have not yet had
The chance to use it

I have rescued seven rats
Who, although very pleased,
Are all crouched nervously
In the stern
Keeping as far from Kenny
As they can


wastedpapiers said...

At first I thought this might be about our favourite white bear who lives in Nutwood.

Rupert grabs a hankie and blows his nose.
Is it Bill Badger's do you suppose?

Sue hardy-Dawson said...

He was in our garden all the time, if I'd known you were looking I'd have let you know.