Saturday, September 02, 2006

The Whisky Experience

Here in Edinburgh’s Royal Mile
The kids enjoy the ride
In the automated cars
That creep around

Scotland's past
In the Water-of-Life Whisky Experience

It’s good to give
The boys and girls
An early fun -
Water-of-Life Whisky Experience

I mean
It’s not as if Scotland
Or Britain
Or the world, for that matter
Has any kind of problems
With alcohol-related deaths
Or alcoholism
Is it?

Good to catch them young.
And for the adults – a wee dram
And a free glass.


Roger Stevens said...

Just back from Edinburgh with Jill's Canadian Aunt and Uncle. Had a great time - I do like Edinburgh I have to say. I like whisky too. But I did think allowing children to sample the delights (although they weren't allowed to actually taste it) of whisky rather inappropriate. Call me old fashioned...

michael said...

You're old fashioned! Everyone knows that such themed attractions are the future! Children love the Kiddie Cocaine Trail and the Smack Heads Amusement Arcade. I saw that the Junior Drug Peddlers Kit wasa big seller at last years Toy Biennale in Amsterdam.

Russell Ragsdale said...

I agree there is a big issue here but it is a lot of fun listening to you both go on abut it, too. Sorry, got sidtracked!

Roger Stevens said...

Yeah, but the Junior Drug Peddlar's Kit is educational. There's lots of bits and pieces you have to do, and there's a little mirror and everything.
Anyway - we're talking alcohol here.

Amie said...

what's so good about whisky anyways or any alcohol for that matter?! :)

Cocaine Jesus said...

a political Roger Stevens eh?

more please.

excellent and so very true. good point and great poem (AGAIN? you bastard!)

Prmod Bafna said...

Hmmm i don't think its a very good idea either, but then with the kind of growth and awareness around us its better if its given by way of delights than the kids having it by any other way. Now that would be unpredictable! And thats a nicely write of the experience! Good one :)

Sue hardy-Dawson said...

Sounds like it'd go well with the candy cigarets they still sell now called candy sticks just so the kids won't get the connection of course (positively amazing)when they're sucking on them and playing grown ups.

michael said...

Don't forget the licorice pipes and the chewy coconut ready rubbed tobacco strands! Political correctness gone bonkers!

gulnaz said...

i dont think kids shd be allowed to taste alcohol, its dangerous as they are not tht mature, its easy to get addicted to that thing at that age, but they say its genetic anway. still you rightly point out the alcohol related deaths. got to keep something for later too. besides their bodies are not yet fully grown, i'm sure its not healthy.

Jon said...

Glad I found your blog, via flobberblog, and have made a note of it on mine. Liking the poetry, tho doubting your teatotalness.

Roger Stevens said...

Hi John - I'm not teatotal. Just a bit worried about seven year olds drinking whisky. I like a tot myself.

Hey, everyone. Been a bit slow on the blog again. Been busy with a new music project. But hope to be putting a couple of new poems up next week, and paying a few visits to see how everyone's getting on.

Amie said...

this is stupid but i just learned the correct pronounciation of "Edinburgh" a couple of days ago when i was watching this english movie at hbo. i was pronoucing it in my head in a different way before that.