Sunday, August 27, 2006

Strictly No Laughing

The sign on Teignmouth beach
Says Strictly No Laughing
The tide’s on the turn
The rain is drizzling
And the red sands are almost deserted
Three dogs splash through the surf
And two seagulls, mother and daughter
Argue over a crab’s leg
A family take their blue and yellow tent down
And no one’s laughing

I’m leaning on the seawall
Waiting for my party
A father tells his son
Not to step on the cracks
But does not say why
And no one’s laughing

A crooked man talks into his phone
A sunny couple
In vertically-challenged tee shirts smile
And I realise I’ve misread the sign
It says Strictly No Launching
It also says
The launching facilities are at the Polly steps
The Quay
Where everyone is laughing


Russell Ragsdale said...

Sherlock Holmes aka the Pink Panther are at the beach looking for clues. When the case is solved it makes another mystery. Loved this Roger!

Cocaine Jesus said...

left your specs in doors i guess?
lovely poem.

(from a lovely man of course!)

Roger Stevens said...

Thanks Russell. And CJ - how do you know I'm a lovely man?

Prmod Bafna said...

Hmmm fun read! :p

michael said...

He's a right villian! Being partially dispepsic I'm always reading signs wrong -"Lower your head when leaving your seat", "Mind The Baps", "No Finishing", "Pirates- Keep Out!" etc. It can be embaressing at times.

Sue hardy-Dawson said...

Well it made me giggle anyway
-yesterday I read a sign that said 'lambing' and told the kids not to let the dog off its lead-on closer inspection it said 'locked Gate' the kids enjoyed my mistake

temppixie said...

I live not far from Teinmouth, and I'm sure I have heard laughing! Then got to the rest of your poem, liked the twist, having just had to put my glasses on cuz I can't read the small print, who said don't sweat the small stuff!