Tuesday, October 08, 2013


Apologies from Sarah. It’s her throat.
Not just the karaoke and the booze.
It is the ‘flu’. And Mindy’s sent a note
Her mother’s had some tests. Might be bad news. 
I’m on my hols in Lanzarote. Well
Yes, yes, the conference... But half-price flights?
The secretary, Cath, who makes the coffee,
Is at the school. Her Zeb’s been in another fight. 
You’ll have to write the minutes. Tom (tall guy – HR)
Has e-mailed his report. He’s on a course
Eighteen holes (his little joke). Bill’s crashed his car.
And Natalie has fallen off her horse. 
Clare has run off with the caretaker, and so

There’s only you. Please, turn the lights out when you go.

1 comment:

Roger Stevens said...

Jill thinks I should make this clearer that the apologies are for missing a meeting. It probably does need a bit more work.