Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Looking for Bears on the Rocky Mountaineer

(Jasper to Kamloops - August 2012)

As the sun starts to rise
We rub sleep from our eyes
And we check-in our luggage with care
We wave Jasper farewell
What stories we’ll tell
Of the day that we spotted a bear.

As the train pulls away
And the carriages sway
There’s a definite buzz in the air
Sure, the Rockies are cool
And the trees in the fall
Are real neat. But we want to see bear.

Our guide* says black bears
Like to hang around moose
Though the truth is that moose are quite rare
So far we’ve seen trees
And Jill saw some bees**
But we’re hoping that soon we’ll see bear

We glimpsed a black dog
And a duck in a bog
And a rock that was shaped like a hare***
And passing Mount Cheadle
The tracks of a weasel****
But sadly, as yet, not a bear

By Pyramid Falls
Where the bald eagle calls
And the mosses that that grow are quite rare
Said our guide, “Yesterday
A bear came out to play
And posed for some photos.” Oh yeah?

There’s a man! By the track!
He waves, we wave back
And we laugh like we haven’t a care
And there are trees, and more trees
Trees, trees and yes… trees
But we’d quite like a glimpse of a bear

We’re approaching Kamloops
Where the bald eagle swoops
But of one thing you should be aware
We’ve seen many great things
With legs***** and with wings
But we haven’t seen one blessed… wait!
Is it? Yes… no…. yes… No… 
It's not a bear.******

* Brandi
** Well, one bee actually
*** Very amusing!
**** Not actually true. I used my poetic licence here
***** Not a great line. Because birds also have legs, obviously
****** It was a black bin bag.

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Wastedpapiers said...

Brilliant! Did you ever get to see a bear?