Monday, April 18, 2011


Where can I hide my heart
Those hot and secret feelings?

In a forest of well-loved trees?
In a book of scrawled-upon leaves?
In an abandoned tin in the biscuit cupboard
Where the golden light
Won’t escape the on-tight lid?

Maybe I won’t hide it
Wear it on my sleeve
In the time-honoured
Or attach it to my hat
With an ostentatious silver pin

I’ll keep it in the kitchen drawer
With the out-of-date seeds, the too-short pieces of string
And the plastic bit of something that may be important one day

Yes, I’ll keep it there
Next to yours


wastedpapiers said...

Very nice. We keep ours in the bread bin next to the crumpets.

Anoopa Anand said...

This is absolutely lovely. I don't keep mine anywhere yet, but I'll remember this poem when I find a place. You make me happy.

Roger Stevens said...

Michael: The crumpets you say? Wahoooo nudge nudge.

Anoopa: Thank you. Good to hear from you again.

Jilly Jargon said...

Thank you darling. x