Friday, July 09, 2010

Low Flying Rabbits Ahead

Watch out for obstreperous elephants
Or fidgety fleas in your bed
There’s a bear on your chair – don’t stare! Beware
Low flying rabbits ahead

Be warned! Argumentative aardvarks
And the tigers haven’t been fed
When in doubt you must shout, There be dragons – watch out!
Low flying rabbits ahead

Caution – cantankerous catfish
There’s a dodo called Fred in the shed
And the mad fortune teller says, Take your umbrella
Low flying rabbits ahead

Be prepared for the lemur’s cruel laughter
But don’t forget what the old tortoise said
Life is fun. When in doubt – don’t worry about
Those low flying rabbits ahead


Roger Stevens said...
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Roger Stevens said...

I meant to say - the title poem from my new collection out in 2011. Do you think the last verse works okay?

Matt Harvey said...

I love it, & the last verse is great

Roger Stevens said...

Praise indeed. Thanks Matt.

wastedpapiers said...

Great! One of your best about rabbis I think.

Roger Stevens said...

Did you mean Rabbits?