Saturday, March 20, 2010

There Was An Old Woman

There was an old woman
Who lived in a canoe
She paddled all day
Till her hands turned blue
And all of her children
On the river bank
Laughed and laughed
When her little boat sank
Don't worry, they said,
That you've sunk your canoe
We've had a whip round
And bought you a shoe

Written with Michael Leigh
Illustrated by Michael Leigh


wastedpapiers said...

I'd forgotten this one. One of our best I think except for the illustration which is crap.

C.J.Duffy said...

As a child I spent a large amount of time in various hospitals most of them Michael would know: Southend, Westcliff (yep it hada hospital in the fifties) Rochford, Oldchurch, Rush Green, Harold Wood (I think) and Whitchapel. It was sad in one way as I didn't see much of school nor my Mum but great in another as it meant I was given vast amounts of comics and books to read. As a result of all this comic reading I used to write, draw and publish my own comic - The Adventurer. I wish that I could show them to you now so that you could both see genuinely crap artwork!!!

Celia said...

There was an old man who said, "Poo!
There's a whiff of old woman in my shoe!"

Roger Stevens said...

Almost scans, Celia...