Sunday, March 01, 2009

Lesser Known Children's Games

Tease the Tiger
Throw the Worm Over the Wall
Shout Monkey!
Who's Hidden Harriet?
How Far Can You Fall?

Hop Irish.
Skip Welsh.
Jump Over the Moat
Chase the Goldfish
Hurl the Spoon
Put the Coat on the Stoat

Last One Up the Chimney is a Sooty Beggar
Turnip Ball
Kiss the Rat
Snakes and Larders
Pancake Frisbee
Put the Hat on the Spratt


wastedpapiers said...
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wastedpapiers said...

We play "Throw the worm over the wall" quite lot . It goes well with a session of "Toss the slug over Mr. Pratt's garden".

C.J.Duffy said...

Along with that other perenial childrens game "Slide the worm down Grandpa's Gullet When He's sleeping in a deck chair in the Garden".
It is wise not to use too fat a worm as this can cause, in people of a certain age whose swallowing reflex no longer works as well as it did, the uncoscious desire to choke.


wastedpapiers said...

WV is "britenth".

fluffy-scruffy said...

I was always informed that Skip Welsh involved not letting the teacher know your friends were smoking behind the bus shelter, when you chose not to participate.

Or is there a more fun version I was unaware of?