Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Couple of Poems Written in Forest Hill


Five sleek black limousines
Sweep around the corner
Balloons bobble
On the roof of the first car
Spelt in flowers
On the casket


She came out of the house
Holding her broken jaw
Her husband
Helped her to the car
Arm around her
Protecting her from the prying neighbours
Who bang on the walls
In the early hours
When the whisky
Takes over


flumembrain said...

but for the grace of god there go i

wastedpapiers said...

Forest Hill is one of those bits of London I'd known about but never been to like Kentish Town and Purley despite having lived there for over 20 years ( on and off ). Did you go there especailly to write poems or did it happen by chance?

Roger Stevens said...

I was at a school there. I wandered out at lunch time for a bag of chips, sat on a wall, and the two poems passed by.

C.J.Duffy said...

Forest Hill eh? A bit mucky down there. All East End and cockney. Strike a light - gawd blimey guv.
Kentish Town is cool but not as cool as Camden (Oi Oi). I confess that I have never been to Purley. I wonder if poems pass you by in Purley or is it just Kings and Queens?

Sue hardy-Dawson said...

Moosh sounds so young maybe I'm wrong Leeds used to make me feel like that all cold and empty inside.