Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Moonlight Market at Descartes

The scruffy old clown
And his slightly bored wife
With the half-hearted puppet
It’s a transient life
Before darkness falls
In the moonlight market
At Descartes

The couple who avoid
Each other’s eyes
The young John Travolta
And his virgin bride
He sups his beer-blonde
She stares at her phone
They sit in the crowd
But they’re both all alone
Before darkness falls
In the moonlight market
At Descartes

The pony-tailed chanteur
And his accordionist wife
Struggle to keep up
With the rhythm of life
The philosopher smiles
Perhaps he knows why
As the exquisite light
Seeps out of the sky
And darkness falls
In the moonlight market
At Descartes


Roger Stevens said...

Here we are in our final week in France. We're just south of Tours. The weather's been a little disappointing. It's usually hot with continuous sunshine. The locals say they've never known a summer like it. But locals always say that don't they when you go on holiday somewhere and the weather is crap.

Anyway - we've still had a fab time. And I've been finishing my "grown-up" novel. I started it here in France around a year ago. It's probably documented on this blog somewhere. It's going very well. It'll be good to get it finished.

And when we get back the new CD will be done - which is very exciting. The CD itself has now been printed - just waiting for the cover. Then I have to figure a way to upload a couple of the tracks on to rabbitpress.com - so that my adoring public (both of them) can be adoring and heap endless praises upon my shoulders and adoring phrases in my hairy ears.

Sue hardy-Dawson said...

Love the poem, the rhythm reminds me of the song on Lady and the Tramp 'Amoure'but the pictures it evokes are beautiful. The weather here is rubish too although last week was really good - I was beginning to think summer would never arive. It did then it left promptley. I think it was frightened it would get type cast.

Ostrich said...

That sounds fantastic! Well i will be back in London in about 2-3 months and will definitely get in touch then. Have a lovely trip, my best to your wife. *hug*

Madeleine said...

Just popped to like what I saw...read...felt. And lo and behold, I did.

wastedpapiers said...

Sacred blue! Glad all is burgeoning in la belly France. Even at 60 I don't feel "grown up" but sounds like a read - look forward to it! Not forgetting the CD ofcourse. That too will be a treat for the old hairy ears and the hairy nose.

Just back from North Wales where it was equally dull and sunny by turns. You never know what to wear do you?

We got quite excited by some old tram tickets and saw Ken Dodd 's "Happiness Show" which indeed was happy. There's a man who has a way with words. Ticklemas Eve indeed.

Well Heeled said...

Oh, so nice.

cocaine jesus said...

just returned from france. port grimaud is beautiful. weather was ok. looking forward to your 'grown up' novel. non-linear? lol.

cocaine jesus said...

hang on. cd? what cd?

Russell Ragsdale said...

Hi Roger! I just loved this! Mind if I read it to the kids in the English club?