Friday, June 16, 2006

Cruise Poems


An ocean full of water
A sky full of air
A boat full of people
Travelling from there to here

The water’s waves reflect the sky
The sky is full of cloud
The people full of wondering why
Travelling from loud to soft

The rise and swell of evermore
The blue-lit hands that hold the Earth
I sit inside my head and cry
Travelling from birth to death


You’d think
across this vast expanse
of breathing sea
you’d never see another boat
but I can




Roger Stevens said...

Still as busy as a very busy person going through a very busy period in Busy Week. But sneaking a few minutes to put up a couple of poems I wrote on the cruise. It seems so long ago now - the beginning of May. Angola and Mexico are playing on the TV in the other room. Still nil nil.
This weekend a wedding and Jill in the Race for Life in Hastings on Sunday. - if you'd like to donate money.
Next week a couple more schools - still trying to catch up with admin. No rehearsal on Monday - one of the band can't make it. We're rehearsing for a charity gig supporting Manfred Mann. They must be very old by now. We have a guest star. Floella Benjamin. We'll be accompanying her through the round window.

iamnasra said...

Gulnaz had listed you as one of her blog friends..In tribute of Gulnaz we hope you can drop a line to tell us how were you inspired by Gulnaz

chamki said...

You are my favourite blog poet.

Sue hardy-Dawson said...

I told you June was crazy life sounds exciting. I like the last one (2) I think, because it made me laugh, although I have to say my favourite line is in the other 'The blue-lit hands that hold the earth' counjours up such a beautiful immage I love it.
Good luck with your gig whichever window you choose!!!!

Cocaine Jesus said...

he's MY favourite blog poet ;)

and yes manfred mann is very old now, at least 65 (and that is positively ancient) his band might be a bit younger though.

two great poems Roger.

michael said...

I liked the second wone the beste. Its simplicite moved me - from here to here.
Have been watching bits of fussball. Germany and Paraguay on now - just switched on- its half time. Blinkin' adverts! 2-0 to the Host nation.
Yes, It would be anice birthday treat to see England beat Sweden tonight but I've had so many treats today that it would be spoiling me. I see a draw in the offing.

Prerona said...

i liked ... v nice. came over from cocaine jesus. i loved the way u said 'Started poming'

michael said...

I was right for once.

Prmod Bafna said...

Nice to be hearing from you again and two very lovely poems there roger! Good luck with the gigs!

Free Spirit said...

Your poem is like a song that you have to sing before you can read it. Nice. :)

temppixie said...

Loved the flow you have in this.

Shubhodeep said...

cool pomes!!! :D

Anonymous said...

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