Friday, May 05, 2006

Good Intentions

I laid a few slabs in the Good Intentions road this week. Didn't get to do any blogging. Sorry blogging pals. Just trying to catch up on admin. I used to get more done when I had a proper job before I was a poet. Hey ho!

Tomorrow we're going on a cruise. Heading across the Bay of Biscay down to Lisbon in Portugal. I'm doing some poetry shows for kids on board. Should be fun.

Meanwhile we're trying to find a name for the new children's book out next year. The last two were - I Did Not Eat the Goldfish and The Monster That Ate the Universe. So something slightly wacky - which would appeal to 7-12 year olds - would be good. Current front runner is Why Otters Don't Wear Socks. If your idea gets chosen I'll give you an acknowledgement in the book and a free copy. Well, you can't say fairer than that.

Best go now. Up early in the morning. See you when I get back. Peace and love.


Prmod Bafna said...

hey! very cool!! hmmm "Jack rabbit's big left thumb" ;)

Russell Ragsdale said...

Good trip! If that was late this is oily. Hurry back!

Jonathan said...

"Loose Change in the Kangaroos's Pocket"

michael said...

Sounds like a lot of hard work but fun Roger. You sure get about these days. Is jilly going to - to be your glamourous assistant?

Names for books as follows-

"Slap Me Silly With A Sausage"

" Nuts From A Monkeys Hand Bag"

" The Small Giants Enormous Flea"

" The Terrifying Flying Trousers!

michael said...

"How To Catch A Sticky Rabbit"

"The Rhubarb Bending Machine"

"One Hundred Ways To Baffle A Poet"

"The Pop Up Book Of Halitosis"

"The Mysterious Fluffy Mangle"

" Snagged My Tights On A Tortoise"

Cocaine Jesus said...

"Slap my Thighs and Knock me Sideways"

"Flingle, Flangel, Roogey my brother ate a boogey"

"Pink for Girls, Blue for Boys but what about us poor Rabbits?"

"Don't look now but my conkers bent"

michael said...

"'Rabbits, Rabbits, Rabbits, Baked Beans, Rabbits"

"Kippers and Custard"

"Fluff From A Poet's Turnups"

"Pomegranite Struck By Lightning"

Pincushion said...

"Why the Squishy-slug flew round the Moon-bug in Green underpants!"

"Yellow Banana went to a Sauna to hunt a Pirahna!"

"Bubble-gum Swatter Flies destroy Toys!"

"Dunkin Doughnut dives through his Drums!"

Pincushion said...

"Dunkin-Doughnut dives through his Drums..Why???"

Cocaine Jesus said...

"A Pincushion Pin Full of Poems"

NicoleBraganza said...

I think you should have mentioned the censorship guidelines...hahaha

Some great titles here


Sue hardy-Dawson said...

Dad's got play-dough for dinner again

The day gran knitted a skateboard

How elephants eat rice pudding

Have a really great time it sounds like the perfect job!!!

Anonymous Poet said...

Have fun! I look forward to hearing of your adventures upon your return.

: )

Ed Giecek said...

Good gravy! Hard to compete with Michael... He'zZ got more titles than a parrot with terrets syndrome...

The Fish Had Wheels But The Pedals Were Wonky

Roger Stevens said...

Wow! Some great titles! Thanks.

Yes, I'm back on terra firma. Stay tuned for some seafaring stories (possibly) and maybe even a poem or too.

Just trying to catch up now. See you soon.


Liam Wilkinson said...

"Driving the Sofa to School"

"New Stilts for the Penguin"

"Eleven Toes Are Better Than Ten"

"Dinner in the Dog"

"The Whale Became a DJ"

"On the Brink with a Jar of Kumquats"

"Brace Yourself, I'm Going to Explode"

"I Guess That's Why They Call It The Flu"

"Knitting an Uncle"

"A Bowl of Moles and a Mug of Bugs"