Friday, September 30, 2005


I’m walking into Hastings
Down a long and sunny slope
Past the Toad Hall Dental Clinic
To the Post Office of Hope
“My Tony’s dream is failing,”
Sally tells us in the queue -
And Bob’s been with the same firm
Since nineteen sixty two
While Bob and Sal are chatting
Jasmin wanders to and fro
She hugs Bob’s youngest, Sammy
How soon the youngsters grow
Then the lady at the counter
Says Sally’s credit’s bad
But while the sun is shining
She refuses to be sad
I buy a stamp and post my card
Climb up the sunny slope
And I wonder how the car is
In the Kwik Fit Hall of Hope


Roger Stevens said...

A busy week. Jill’s aunt from Canada is visiting, which is interesting. Today we went into Hastings to show her around. (I wrote the poem last week when I took the car in for its M.O.T) Yesterday it was back to the chalk face – and my first school visit. I had a great, although rather hectic, time at a school in Tunbridge Wells. On the way I got a bit lost - consequently I arrived just as the children were settling down in the hall to see me. So I began my performance taking off my coat and putting on my poet’s waistcoat. A great opening to the act!
One of my poems is going to read on CBBC TV on National Poetry Day. Hurrah!
And tomorrow Damn Right I Got The Blues is playing a gig in Croydon. Looking forward to that.

longblackveil said...

It's sweet the way you put your poems in the "Blogspace", and then leave an actual post as a commment.

Also sweet [very] was the poem of the moment.
I really wish there's a Kwik Fit Hall of Hope hereabouts. I'd give my eye-teeth to go visit there over the weekends.

Cocaine Jesus said...

Hastings, Tunbridge Wells and Croydon?
Life on the road eh?
Must be a wonky road then just like that old 'finger' of yours.

unrepentant resources said...

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michael said...

American idiots and english idiots too by the look of it!
Glad you had a good week Sounds like a nice time with Auntie. Did she bring you a bow and arrow? My auntie did- that was back in 1954 though.

Roger Stevens said...

sadly no, Michael, not even a davy crockett hat

Sue hardy-Dawson said...

My Aunty thinks I look like an octopus
well at least that's the impression I got from the sweater she knitted

Anonymous Poet said...

Is this your town? Or your neighborhood?

It strikes me as an intimate kaleidescope of a small (or at least distinct) neighborhood.

Congrats on having your poem read, too! That's great!

Roger Stevens said...

Hi, Anon - Hastings is just down the road, Tunbridge Wells is about 40 minutes away - Croydon is South London - a couple of hours drive.

Our new aunt is off to France today for a week with Jill's parents. Jill's going up to Blackpool for the conservative's Conference - she's running a fringe meeting there.

In case you're wondering - that's not a meeting about fringes, nor lapels nor any kind of sewing or dressmaking.

The gig was great. We rocked, even if I say so myself. Shame I left my jacket behind.

I expect some eager fan has it pinned to her wall by now, or secreted under her pillow.

Dream on, Roger. It's in Fairfield Halls Lost Property.

Sue hardy-Dawson said...

Perhapse you'll find it for sale on

michael said...

I didn't know Jilly was a Conservative- I'm horrified!

Roger Stevens said...

For goodness sake, Michael. Of course she's not a Conservative!
She's talking about fraud. It's the same talk she gave at the Labour Conference and the Lib Dem one.

Syl said...

So, is there a link or something to see your work on the telly?
Glad your Jill sees what is going on and is verbal about her reaction.
Oh, Damn Right he knows how to play a tune.
And meanwhile...we made music the other night
and by the candles soft twilight
raised our voices in sancre couer
to knock knock knocking on Heavens door.

transience said...

a quaint little walk i did through your ever lush mind-map.

NicoleBraganza said...

Wish we had National Poetry Day celebrated out here! :(
That is just so ultra-cool!

michael said...

Glad that Jill isn't a closet Conservative. She's obvioulsy far too sensible but does she have to give her talk to the BMP and Raving Loony party?

Roger Stevens said...

She has to give her talk to the Loonies standing on her head.
Thanks for the fab birthday gifts, Michael and Hazel - will be in touch soon.
Watch out for my poem being read on CBBC TV tonight (Thursday) which is - of course- National Poetry Day!

michael said...

Glad the birthday gifts arrived. Good that you are being read on the telly. About time! I will watch out for it. Who's reading it- one of the Telly Tubbies??

Amie said...

yay! congrats on the poem for CBBC TV on National Poetry Day (not that I'll ever see/hear it but I'm glad nevertheless), and for the gig too for Damn Right I Got The Blues. ain't it rad!

oh btw love the poem hope. just what everybody needs nowadays.

michael said...

O blast! I missed your poem on CBBC today Roger. How annoying! Will it be repeated tomorrow?

Archie wrote a poem for national Poetry day-

Sky At Night.

There goes a comit
There goes the moon
There goes a rocket ship
It will land on mars soon

There goes a star
There goes a planet
There goes a UFO, an alien car

Here we go, going into space
Flying with the whole human race
Our plant is on fire, it is being attacked
But the bad thing is
My underpants I didn't pack!

michael said...

I'm sure i left a comment here but it seems to have vanished into the ether!
Sorry i missed your poem on Blue Peter Roger. Hopefully it will be repeated in the morning as often happens.

Archie wrote a poem for national poetry day today-

(This is a diff. one incase my previous comment appears as sometimes happens)


What are the chances
What are the odds
What are they thinking
The stupid pea pods
I'm trying to win
This dam footy game
and it's the teacher to blame
When I got stuck daft team
They are so fat
I could not have dreamed
Oh now the crowd
Is starting to boo
Well its not my fault
Its my team from the zoo

I think Archie prefers badminton!

finnegan said...

Wish I could rhyme as breezily as this. My attempts are candidates for the Kwik Fix Hall of Shame.

hazel said...

I love the stupid pea pods line...
I might use that one myself!

Liam Wilkinson said...

Can't believe I missed your TV spot. Darn darn darn. And darn.

Hey, was tidying up the shelves in my Junior Library today and came across...yes, that's right...two Roger Stevens books! Goldfish and Danny Chaucer.

I've brought them home and am dipping into them tomorrow afternoon, with coffee and Sunday buzzing around the room.

Free Spirit said...

Your words can make me wander to a place I've never been and a time only memory can remember.

Hope you don't mind if I linked. Love your work!